LinkCom 5 - IBM Host printing

Flexible IBM Mainframe, IBM Power and office printing solution

LinkCom 5 offers easy and smooth printing and print administration in mixed environments where users print both host data and office application output. LinkCom 5 solves the challenge of finding the printing solution that accommodates and combines both print streams in a user friendly way.

Print IPDS, SCS and DCA to laser and matrix printers

LinkCom 5 converts all output real time and the users need not worry about input sources or formats. They simply send all output to their preferred printer. The LinkCom print server takes care of the rest.

LinkCom 5 is a versatile multifunction protocol converter that simultaneously supports IBM host printing and PC/LAN printing on laser printers and MFPs.

The printer is connected to the LAN through the LinkCom 5 and can easily be configured to make full use of all features on any B/W or colour printer, including finishing options for all print jobs.

Support up to 10 printer sessions

By enabling the Host to Net printing feature and activating a multi print session license a LinkCom 5 unit can administer up to 10 simultaneous print sessions.

Multiple sessions are enabled via the license key. Pricing depends on the required number of printers supported by the LinkCom 5 PrintServer.

LinkkCom 5 transforms IPDS, SCS and DCA to PCL, PostScript and matrix printers and supports up to 10 simultaneous printer sessions.

Converting host data to common output formats

IBM host print data is translated in the LinkCom 5 and converted into PCL, PostScript, ProPrinter or Epson and sent to the printer using TCP/IP or a USB connection.

Printing from office applications is directed transparently via LinkCom 5 and sent directly to the printer. Any MFP capability of the printer e.g. remote configuration, scanning or fax option remains fully operational.

Transparent printing of office application output

When standard office application output is sent to a printer with LinkCom 5 it is passed transparently through LinkCom 5 and is forwarded unaltered to the printer.

Support for IPv4 and IPv6

LinkCom 5 works on IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Key features: 
Direct configuration via Ethernet over USB without a network connection (OTG port)
IBM host printing to any laser printer, laser MFP or matrix printer
Support up to 10 simultaneous print sessions
Supports IPV4 and IPV6
Gigabit network support
Full IPDS support including colour printing
Configuration using MPI Tech PrintGuide or via Web browser
Converts IPDS, SCS and DCA to PCL, PostScript, ProPrinter or Epson
Supports output to network via TCP/ÍP
Supports TCP/IP sessions from the mainframe or System i
TN5250e/TN3270e enabled 99 Connect printer via USB or network port

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