AFP Fast Parser version

With new features and improved performance to transform AFP or IPDS for web application and High speed printing

AFP Fast Parser is a software solution that converts AFPDS files or Host generated IPDS data streams into PDF, PostScript or image file formats.


AFP Fast Parser is a scalable solution designed for multi-processor and multi-server architectures to fulfill the needs of today’s High Speed Production and On-Demand environments.

The solution is available for Windows, AIX, Linux and Solaris platforms.

AFP Fast Parser features the following new functions and enhancements

  • Multi Server / Multi-processor
    AFP Fast Parser has now been expanded to run in a multi-server environment to further enhance its performance.
  • Application server interface
    AFP Fast Parser can be utilized in batch mode or server mode. When running in server mode, the AFP Fast Parser client is used to submit conversion requests to the server. A new software interface has been developed to allow interaction with application servers including products like Web Sphere.
  • Indexing functionality
    AFP Fast Parser can Index the AFP files. Indexing improves the performance working on AFP files of several gigabytes to directly access the AFP pages requested during the transform.
  • IPDS IS/3 Support
    For IPDS input AFP Fast parser is compatible with the new MO:DCA interchange set (IS/3) to support product interoperability.
  • Color Support Updates
    The support of color has been enhanced with color management. AFP CMR’s (Color Management Resources) are supported.

For detailed information about features and fixes, please download

Release note AFP Fast Parser (91.29 KB)

Also visit the AFP Fast Parser product page for more information.