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Are You Satisfied With Your Editor?

This central position is worth asking the right questions: Is it reliable? Available? Expensive?

To assess your editor’s performance, ask yourself the right questions…

Am I Satisfied With the Relationship With My Software Editor?

The relationship you have with your software editor is crucial. More than just a business relationship, you are looking for a true partner. This relationship is like a commitment. As a privileged interlocutor, your software editor should be capable of supporting you in your document projects, helping to bring them to fruition, and ensuring their sustainability.

Do They Respond Quickly When I Need Assistance?

Your invoices, production orders, and delivery notes are stuck in production? Essential documents are untraceable? Quick, I’ll call my software editor!

Are they available? Competent? Do they respond quickly? Do they effectively assist you in resolving your issue? The time taken to acknowledge and resolve the incident is essential for your organization.

The editor may simply cover the functioning of his solution, but can also ensure the management of your workflows by ensuring their proper processing.

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Do They Offer Me Improvements? Are New Versions Available?

As a customer who has subscribed to a maintenance contract, you have the right to access updates for the solutions.

These updates help to enhance the reliability of your solution, ensure its longevity, and safeguard against a challenging technological landscape.

Is the Cost of My Maintenance Related to the Quality of the Services Offered?

You pay maintenance fees to your software editor on a quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis: Is this amount related to the service offered?

Is the language used by the support team understandable by my IT department?

A maintenance service relies on the unrestricted availability of the support team for your queries and incidents.

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MPI Tech’s Commitment…

Our aim is to establish a genuine partnership with our clients.
We maintain a relationship of trust and regularly review both the scope of our solution and our support for your projects. To be even more responsive, we are geographically located throughout France, the UK, the US, Denmark, and Germany.

MPI Tech: A Responsive Team

We offer our clients various levels of services: from basic maintenance to "optimal" maintenance.

In the latter case, it includes: reduced incident response times, maintenance of the installed solution with consideration for the flows, an online ticketing interface, a support service, and real-time tracking of incident resolution progress.

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MPI Tech: Access to Enhancements and New Versions

We place the client at the heart of our strategy. Therefore, we conduct reviews of our installed solutions and provide feedback to the development team.

These feedbacks are analyzed and can be integrated into future versions of the solutions. Upon their release, we offer updates of our solutions to all our clients.

MPI Tech: Quality and Controlled Budget

We offer a maintenance service in line with the cost of the solution.

Every year, we conduct improvement meetings as well as meetings with the client to evaluate the actions to be implemented: a need to resize the solution? a need for team training?

We strive to make our solutions as efficient as possible, ensuring that our clients have complete control over their systems.

High-quality software maintenance service

Our Strengths

Maintenance and Support

A high-performing and available “hotline” service to answer your technical questions, Monday to Friday.


MPI Tech offers its clients a comprehensive and tailored training program, enabling users to fully master the solution. The training sessions are conducted by experts who adapt to the learners’ needs and guide them towards autonomy.

Integration and Development

Since each working environment is different, MPI Tech is also an integrator and allows you to customize your solution through specific development.

Consulting & Audit

With its consulting team, MPI Tech analyzes the existing “organizational and technical approach” and then guides you towards the appropriate solution to address your challenges.