AFP Consortium Q&A

MPI Tech R&D Manager Karsten Andreassen expresses his views on how AFP can continue to improve.

As part of our efforts to stay ahead technologically we are actively involved in developing the industry standards. The aim of the AFP Consortium (AFPC) is to bring together voices from across the print industry to improve AFP. MPI Tech is a core member and is represented on the board with our R&D Manager Karsten Andreassen.

Recently Karsten sat down with a representative of the organisation to talk about how we can keep on improving the AFP standard. They talked about the strengths of AFP and how it can be deployed in the printing industry. 

It is the one standard format that can be used for all documentation. AFP is a very capable format, because it contains formats for pictures, graphics, and whatever else you’d like in your documents.

After that they went on to talking about innovative solutions and how AFP is used today.

AFP is currently seeing a lot of use on the finance, banking and insurance side of things, but we’re seeing it move more toward retailers and consumers, where your receipts and paperwork are being handled by this format. 

Towards the end they talked about the future of AFP and how we can do it even better.

User accessibility is a big thing in PDF, and we’d like to bring it into AFP also, so we can bring all content to all users.

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