The Search is over with ScopMaster+

ScopMaster+ document archiving and indexing solution

The average employee can spend up to twenty minutes a day looking for documents. That easily becomes three and half days a year. It is not just the time but the costs involved of employees being taken away from their primary activities. These issues will only escalate as the volumes and types of documents increase. Imagine being able to find the document needed in seconds. With ScopMaster+ this is a reality. 

ScopMaster+ is a scalable, powerful document management system that enables any organisation to use, track, manage and store electronic documents throughout their lifecycle while securing data integrity.

Digitise your documents

Automatically transform streams of documents in to business ready data. ScopMaster+ can accept a variety of inputs including digitised scanned documents from MFPs, digital files, emails, text and PDFs. When coupled with ScopTransform legacy data streams such as AFP, IPDS and SCS can be included and indexed either manually or automatically using ScopIndex which applies predefined metadata ready for use within ScopMaster+. 

ScopMaster+ digitise and archive all document input

Search smarter

ScopMaster+ utilises a powerful intelligent algorithm to drive its search engine allowing users to scrutinise documents within its repository on any search criteria such as an invoice number, postcode or name.  Accessed via any web browser ScopMaster+ offers a simple and intuitive GUI that can be used with little or no training. ScopMaster+ offers full support for smart phones and tablet devices.

ScopMaster+ at work. Instant access to digital document archives.

Completely Control

ScopMaster+ offers complete governance via a multitude of user rights management and auditing tools making it possible to have complete control (including metrics) over what users are able to access, view, edit, download, print and distribute.

ScopMaster+ can be part of an end to end Scop Suite solution or integrated into any existing document workflows or CRMs packages, improving productivity and reducing costs while enabling a better client/customer experience.

ScopMaster+ is available now. Search out your local MPI Tech office for a demo and further information.