EasyCom 5 release

Introducing the new generation MPI Tech EasyCom® PrintServers

EasyCom® III has been the solution of choice to network–enable matrix printers and turn them into native IPDS/SCS/DCA printers for more than 10 years. Today we announce the retirement of EasyCom® III. The replacement solution is EasyCom® 5.

MPI Tech hardware PrintServer LAN connection and transforms

The design is the well-known design of the LinkCom® 5 that has been adapted to host the EasyCom® III features. 

The EasyCom® 5 PrintServer services a single printer connection to a matrix printer. EasyCom® 5 is delivered out of the box with plug’n’print standard settings. Any additional settings can be managed either through the internal web pages or via MPI Tech Print Guide.

The default connection options are USB or LAN ports. Printers with a Centronics port are supported via a USB to Centronics cable that can be purchased together with the EasyCom® 5 unit.

New features in EasyCom® 5

A couple of new features are introduced in this first release 

  • Supports IPv6 and IPv4 both for host, printer and the box itself. 
  • 1 Gigabit support on the LAN socket. 
  • Support for printer connection via USB and LAN.
  • Available versions

Read the full release note:  EasyCom 5 - Release ver. S80 654.060 (113.44 KB).

Product versions

EasyCom® 5 is available in three versions:

EasyCom 5

Single Port fast Ethernet connection to network enable any printer via a USB or Centronics port (Centronics connection requires a connector cable). This version only delivers transparent printing. No transforms are available.

EasyCom 5 SCS/DCA 

LAN support and/or matrix SCS/DCA support 

EasyCom 5 IPDS + SCS/DCA 

LAN support and/or IPDS support to Matrix printers

End of life for EasyCom® III

The introduction of EasyCom® 5 means end of life for EasyCom® III that will no longer be delivered on future orders. See the list of active and obsolete solutions MPI Tech hardware product obsolescence overview (40.66 KB).

More information

Please contact your local MPI Tech sales or support team with any questions about EasyCom® 5.