Parser for Web™

Search, view, retrieve, convert, save and validate AFP files through reliable, rapid and secure browser access

AFP viewer on the fly

Parser for Web™ is a powerful software solution enabling online searching, viewing, saving, and validating of AFP files. Once validated the AFP data is submitted to a configurable folder for printing, archiving...

The solution can also convert AFP files on the fly into PDF, PDF/A, Tiff, Jpeg, and other formats for further processing.

It is based on MPI’s proven AFP Fast Parser™ technology working in conjunction with a web service. It provides easy online access to AFP files e.g. files stored in databases, production and development files.

Easy online access to AFP files

Parser for Web™ will allow easy viewing of the AFP files within the users existing web browser (Chrome, IE, and others). Users can access, preview, convert, save and verify documents from whatever location through a SSL secured access.

Parser for Web

User rights management ensure confidentiality

Users can be grouped and their rights can be defined by the administrator to allow or restrict their access.

When connecting to the service the users will access a spool of their authorised AFP files for approving, viewing, retrieving, converting and saving. Users have the ability to open any authorised spool file and display any page, instantly whatever the size of the file.

Preview features for Transactional printing

Transactional printing facilities usually handle and process large AFP files with thousands of pages. Errors in the originally submitted file can be costly. This is where Parser for Web proves its worth. The preview and conversion process delivers PDF and PDF/A files on the fly and makes AFP document validation easy and accessible. The built-in search function quickly locates, retrieves and converts selected pages for review and approval.

The AFP file is displayed as a fully viewable image with zoom functions. Through the intuitive web interface, users can approve or reject a spool file and inform a configured contact by e-mail. If the spool file supports AFP TLE command, users have also the option to search using tags from TLE. They can also delete parts of the document if needed.

The AFP data integrity is maintained throughout the entire process, as only viewed pages are converted seamlessly on the fly.  All access and changes made are fully tracked making the processes auditable.

Parser for Web

On demand viewing and conversion

Parser for Web™ can also be used by any organisation working with AFP spool files. The extensive search function makes it possible to search and retrieve any document, convert it to the preferred format and save it or file it.

The built-in user rights management ensures that users can only access files they are authorised for.

Integrating with other business systems

Parser for Web™ delivers standard output files that can be indexed and integrated within other document management and workflow solutions whether they are sent to an archiving device or printed.

Key features: 
Web- enable AFP files
User rights management control and secure access with SSL
View, search and validate AFP files online
Optimise transforms resources
Only requested pages or mail pieces are converted
Approve or reject spool files before printing
Online retrieval system and powerful converting system for AFP files
AFP batch conversion to PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, Image and other formats

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