ScopIndex™ - Index and value your document workflows

Index documents and optimize printing and document workflows.

As the number of documents organisations create increases, it becomes a priority to be able to index the output so that it can be retrieved quickly and efficiently regardless of the growing archive.

Set your own indexing standards

ScopIndex™ combines indexing and document splitting functionalities. ScopIndex™ splits print streams based on predefined parameters allowing documents to be stored with whatever metadata, XML or other requirements your organisation has so that it can feed in to ScopMaster+™ or a third party software solution.

ScopIndex™ supports the usual PDF standards including PDF/A, PDF/VT as well as various other text formats.

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ScopIndex™ can be used as a standalone product or with any of the other Scop modules to build the right solution for your organisation. Contact your local sales team to discuss your requirement further.

Key features: 
Index output files
Output management
Automated document splitting
Set predefined parameters
Workflow processing
Stable and reliable document processing

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