Scheduling engine and management tool for print stream, spools and printers

ScopIOM™ is a management tool that allows the control and configuration of all inputs/outputs functions. ScopIOM™ combines the features of a highly configurable batch engine, a print flow spooler and print manager.

Manage multiple output channels in one tool

With ScopIOM™ data is acquired and processes are optimised with delivery through multichannel outputs all while being supervised, in real time, through an intuitive web interface.

The product is designed to be highly configurable and can easily be tailored to match your flow management and interact with other incumbent solutions.

Giving you overview and transparency

ScopIOM™ allows your organisation to have a complete and accurate overview of every aspect of the document process and control as to how these documents are delivered with traceability at every stage.

Explore the product range

ScopIOM™ can be used as a standalone product. However, it really shows its strength when it is used at the core of several of our solutions connecting and scheduling processes and modules that in combination build the right solution for your organisation. Contact your local sales team to discuss your requirement further.

Key features: 
Print flow spooling
Simplified printer management
Print flow management
Easy management and access through web interface
Batch engine printing
Stable and reliable document processing
Take charge of all input and output

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