Multiple formats conversion tool

ScopTransform™ is a powerful anything in - anything out conversion tool. PDLs such as AFP, PDF, PCL, MetaCode… are inputs in, the process includes document re-engineering, if needed, before outputting the files as AFP, BMP, PostScript, PDF, PCL MetaCode… and generating the optimal file for printing, electronic delivery or further processes including postal optimisation, inserting barcode, Datamatrix, images, technical codes...

Integrating with other solutions

ScopTransform™ can be used as a standalone product or with any of the other MPI Tech modules to build up the right solution for your organisation. Contact your local sales team to discuss your requirements further.

- Production printing, job/process scheduling & automation, monitoring, spool management, production monitoring, reporting, etc
- Postage costs optimisation, sorting, grouping, allotment
- Secure printing - Pull printing
- Electronic safe - Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)
- Multichannel delivery

Anything in - anything out conversion

output/input AFP IPDS PDF PS PCL Line Data Prescribe IGP
AFP Yes - Yes - - Yes - -
IPDS Yes - Yes - - Yes - -
PS Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes - -
PCL Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDF Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
PDF/A Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes - -
Image Yes Yes Yes - - Yes - -
PPML Yes Yes Yes - - Yes - -


Key features: 
Document re-engineering
Hi-speed transforms

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