Spool2Print™ - Management and spooling of digital printing

Gain control of your production print operation

Professional print room management

Spool2Print™ is a very powerful Spooler, an Enterprise Output Solution designed to simplify, print, monitor, customize, archive and distribute business critical information,  capable for instance to drive the fastest IPDS printers on the market.

Spool2Print™ is a premium solution for the print room giving print operators end-to-end control with the printing process. It is ideal for handling large print jobs because of the monitoring tools and error recovery features with which you can preview print jobs and start and stop jobs on specified pages. 


Conversions  ( AFP to IPDS, AFP to PDF, PDF to AFP, AFP to PCL, PostScript, BMP, TIFF...) - Indexation - Archiving

The solution handles multiple input formats and formats the output to match practically any printer as well as PDF-files for archiving.

Built-in document re-engineering

Document re-engineering is an add-on feature with which it is possible to add forms, barcodes or graphics.

Key features: 
Accounting reports and statistics
AFP & IPDS full colour support
AFP to IPDS, AFP to PDF and PDF to AFP conversions
Centralised control for all input and output
Comply with company policies or legislation
Controlled access to all files and folders with user administration
Error Recovery
Graphic Communication Feature
High speed production Laser and Inkjet printers support
Job ticketing
Remote administration
Support Multiple data streams
Support of multiple OS (Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX...)

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