ACM : AFP to PDF Conversion Module

ACM : AFP to PDF conversion, batch conversion and on-the-fly conversion

AFP Conversion Module (ACM) is part of the MPI Tech Mainframe Suite.

AFP Conversion Module delivers AFP to PDF conversion on the Mainframe either as batch conversion or as on demand conversion on the fly. Output files are delivered to specified folders and can be delivered to other document flow solutions for further processing.

AFP2PDF conversion makes AFP data ready for the web

Making host data available to the Internet is a key element in the on-going host to Internet integration efforts. It is most important that the solution fits the Internet user environment, even when the data is stored on the host server.

Batch convert large AFP jobs to PDF

AFP Conversion Module converts the large and small AFP print jobs into PDF and splits the output by pre-set parameters.

On-the-fly AFP to PDF conversion

AFP Conversion Module can run and perform instant AFP2PDF conversion of single documents from applications running inside the CICS region. 

Ready for AFP/Archive, AFP/A ISO standard

ACM is prepared to support the new AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard. ISO 18565:2015 specifies the AFP document architecture by defining a subset appropriate for long-term preservation and retrieval of documents and resources. 

Multiple output options

ACM stores the PDF output in a z/OS® data set. The output is delivered independently of your existing applications, thereby providing application integration and new options for web-enabled output delivery. ACM produces a PDF native format, allowing text search etc.

ACM uses the market standard formats AFP and PDF as the common platform and the generally available tool Adobe Acrobat Reader for data handling and viewing on the client. 

AFP2PDF conversion is the standard process, however, AFP2PCL and AFP2PS (PostScript) conversions are also available as optional features.

The same look and feel from start to end

Document fidelity is ensured throughout the process, with MPI Tech mainframe suite solutions the output is always a true AFP document.

Key features: 
AFP to PDF and AFP to PDF/A conversion
AFP, XML and SCS printing
Compliant with all z/VM® levels
Compliant z/OS® and z/VM® levels 1.6 - 2.4 (current)
Input/Output via CMS filesystem (z/VM®)
Input/Output via z/OS® data set
On-the-fly conversion
Optional encryption
Outline font support
PCL and PostScript output

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