Bluetooth® Printer Adapter

Wireless Bluetooth® printing in the office and on the go

The Bluetooth® Printer Adapter from MPI Tech adds freedom and flexibility to your printing. Easy access to printing is still a requirement; even in a world where electronic documents are being sent, read, shared, and saved like never before.

Wireless printing via Bluetooth®

The Bluetooth® Printer Adapter connects via the printer’s standard USB port and enables wireless printing of even complex and large documents from Windows laptops/PCs and Android* mobile phones and tablets using Bluetooth® technology.

Flexible placement of printers

The wireless printing solutions from MPI Tech enables flexible placement of equipment and increased user convenience. Additionally, the Bluetooth Printer Adapter provides a cost-effective solution in situations where wired infrastructure is costly or impractical.

The Bluetooth® Printer Adapter allows you to print within a range of up to 100 meters depending on the construction of the building and makes it possible to offer printing on the go e.g. in airport lounges, hotel receptions or branch offices.

* Printing from Android devices and Windows Phones requires a third party app to handle download of printer drivers and communication with the printer through the Bluetooth® Printer Adapter.

Wireless printing via Bluetooth in the office and on the go

Key features: 
Communication via Bluetooth®
Print from mobile devices
Support for Android phones and tablets
Support for Windows laptops and PCs
Support for Windows phones
Windows Plug and Play compatible (Windows XP, 7, 8.x and 10)
Wireless printing

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