Enterprise Print Manager™

All-in-one z/OS® Mainframe AFP printing and conversion solution

Enterprise Print Manager™, EPM™ is the all-in-one z/OS® software solution for mainframe printing. It provides a single focal point for operation, control and print management while it handles multiple input and output formats.

Enterprise Print Manager™ receives and handles all output from mainframe applications. The output is received in the native z/OS® format; AFP, Line data, etc. 

Real time AFP conversion

Enterprise Print Manager™ performs real time conversion of documents into the preferred output formats always maintaining the original look. Documents are automatically routed to the next step in the document work flow. 

EPM™ integrates with office printers and production printers as well as other applications residing both inside and outside the mainframe environment. 

AFP and line data conversion; AFP to PDF, AFP to PCL and AFP to PostScript

Enterprise Print Manager™ transforms AFP and line data from the native mainframe format into PCL, PostScript, PDF or ICDS. In addition, SCS may be transformed into ASCII text for non-AFP applications.

Web application integration and archiving

EPM™ is furthermore the z/OS platform for mainframe to Internet application integration using the common standards of both environments i.e. AFP to PDF conversion, providing viewing, host based e-mailing and archiving input.

EPM™ comes with easy administration through straightforward user interfaces.

Ready for AFP/Archive, AFP/A ISO standard

Enterprise Print Manager™ is prepared to support the new AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard. ISO 18565:2015 specifies the AFP document architecture by defining a subset appropriate for long-term preservation and retrieval of documents and resources.

Integrate AFP output into your office printing infrastructure

AFP printing on laser printers is easily implemented. Using the same AFP resources as IBM PSF, EPM™ converts existing line based legacy applications adding forms overlays, graphics and colour images, all without changing the host legacy or batch application. EPM™ prints the host output directly on printers already defined on the mainframe.

Enterprise Print Manager also integrates with Secure Pull Print solutions by including user name and job ID in the output file that is submitted to the secure print solution letting users collect host application output and office output at the same printer.

Key features: 
AFP to PDF and AFP to PDF/A conversion
AFP, XML and SCS printing
Compliant z/OS® and z/VM® levels 1.6 - 2.4 (current)
Outline font support
PCL and PostScript output
Full colour support
CICS Interface
E-mail or PDF output
Full screen user interface
JES and VTAM input
Prepared for AFP/Archive (AFP/A)
TCP/IP and SNA printing

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