IBM Environment: Output Management for z/OS Applications

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“Mainframes handle 68 percent of the world’s production IT workloads, yet they account for only 6 percent of IT costs.“


Simplifying Complex Mainframe Data – Our Field of Expertise


MPI Tech provides seamless solutions for managing mainframe output. From conversion, to secure pull-printing, to viewing and stocking your valuable data, we provide custom solutions for z/OS applications.

Global IBM Environment Output Management

MPI Tech’s portfolio offers a variety of solutions for all types of z/OS application output management.

Installed directly on the server our Enterprise Print Manager, controls and manages all print jobs from your applications.

MPI Tech’s solutions provide total output management for z/OS applications on the Mainframe platform. Enterprise Print Manager converts Mainframe output such as AFP and Line data to PCL, PostScript and PDF, and PDF/A.

Our portfolio includes a range of solutions that manage Mainframe output on Network servers (Windows, AIX, Linux, Unix, Solaris…) such as Blue Server and AFP Fast Parser as well as the LinkCom hardware that throughputs the mainframe output directly to the printer. We can also provide native IPDS emulation to printers from 20 to 6000 ipm.

Editique indexation | mpi tech
Afp conversion | mpi tech

View AFP Files on the Fly

On-the-fly viewing of AFP files is required when you need to verify a large file before printing or when you need to locate a specific page in a large AFP batch file. We have solutions that offer on-demand AFP file viewing with conversion options both directly on the Mainframe with AFP Conversion Module on and in Windows environments with possible online access with Parser for Web.

Secure Printing of IBM Environment Output

Secure Pull Printing

Many organizations have introduced secure pull printing for their office application output. The challenge has been to integrate the mainframe output into the secure print solution in order to avoid uncollected print from lying out in the open. 


MPI Tech has developed an integration, that will convert the System z output to PCL or PostScript and collect user information and document name and store it all on the secure print server until the document owner logs in at a printer and prints the document. 

Secure pull printing | mpi tech

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