PSS - Print SubSystem - AFP to PDF conversion

AFP printing and AFP2PDF conversion for z/OS® and z/VM®

AFP to PCL/PostScript conversion

The Print SubSystem (PSS) is a print spooler for z/OS® and z/VM® that lets you print your mainframe output on network printers or stores the output as PDF making it ready for online access.

AFP printing on office printers

AFP printing on common laser printers is easily implemented with Print SubSystem PSS converts AFPDS and other line based legacy applications output adding forms (overlays), graphics and colour images, all without changing the host legacy or batch application. PSS prints the host output directly on PCL, PostScript, ASCII and SCS printers.

Web enable your IBM System z output

PSS is simple to install and use, which also provides a reliable method of host generated PDF and e-mail output as an add-on to your printing solution.

Ready for AFP/Archive (AFP/A) ISO standard

Enterprise Print Manager is prepared to support the new AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard. ISO 18565:2015 specifies the AFP document architecture by defining a subset appropriate for long-term preservation and retrieval of documents and resources.

Integrate Mainframe output into your secure printing solution

The MPI Tech solution spools the print jobs from the host server through the MPI Tech Print Sub System (PSS). Print jobs include information about job header and user name that is recognised and associated with the user account in the secure print management system.

Our DocOut application converts the print stream into PCL or PostScript format that can be printed on standard office printers and MFPs.

The print stream can be directed to practically any pull printing solution on the market.

The host server print jobs are stored on the secure print server alongside standard office application output until the document owner logs in at printer or MFP and selects the document to be printed.

Read more about this solution: Secure print on System z or download the brochure Download file (1.35 MB)

Key features: 
Compliant with all z/VM® levels
Compliant z/OS® and z/VM® levels 1.6 - 2.4 (current)
Outline font support
PCL and PostScript output
PDF and PDF/A output
E-mail or PDF output
Prepared for AFP/Archive (AFP/A)
AFP, XML and Line Data conversion
CP spool printing
Support for IPV6
JES and CA spool support

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