Secure pull printing from mainframe applications

Include mainframe printing into your existing secure print solution

Secure printing and output management

In the Enterprise today the challenge is to manage, track and control all print jobs from multiple systems and applications. Secure pull printing has become a widely used method to manage and monitor print costs and ensure confidential printing.

The challenge: pull printing from mainframe applications

Until recently it has been a challenge to include mainframe and midrange output in the secure print solutions currently on the market.

MPI Tech solutions now enable you to integrate mainframe host printing with secure print management systems, that ensure document confidentiality and also helps you save costs on the printing budget.

Confidential secure printing for all output

MPI Tech has enhanced its Mainframe based software to include user and job attributes in the print jobs issued from IBM Mainframe systems. These attributes are necessary for a secure print solution to track, manage, and record print jobs and eventually route the job to any target printer or MFP managed by the secure print solution.

All printed documents are handled, tracked and properly accounted for by the secure print solutions with the option to stay on the secure print server until the user logs in and authorises the print to be released on the secure MFP (pull printing).

Key features: 
Print on standard office printers
Rules to ensure cost efficient printing
Optimise the printer fleet
Minimize load on mainframe CPU and reduce costs
Flexible workday for employees
Invoice departments or users
Save paper and toner
Secure and confidential printing
Track usage
Environment-friendly printing
Efficient IT management
Centralized management of office print and host print
Documents are available at any printer
Automate company printing policies
Any printer is a personal printer
Comply with company policies or legislation

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