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Document creation and mailing control

Using the correct and up to date templates and stationery is not always easy. How can companies make sure that their employees are always using the official version of the company stationery with the right address, logo and other information? They really cannot control it unless template usage is managed centrally.

Managing company stationery

MPI Tech solutions give you easy creation of standard documents with templates that are applied on the go. The templates can be managed locally by the user or centrally by the administration if you want full control of all outbound layout. Management can also control which users can access which templates.

Using templates in this way optimizes the workflow, eliminates the need for pre-printed stationery or forms and ensures that all the documents created in your organisation will have the same look and feel.

Optimise mailing operations

ScopHybrid™ mailing makes mail creation easy, improves communication and approval workflows and makes it possible to save money on postage while maintaining control and full overview of the outbound communications.

Our document design and mailing solutions