No matter what your printing needs are MPI Tech has the solution that will match your specific requirements.

Multiple platform printing

Printing is an often overseen part of the company IT infrastructure. Nevertheless for many companies printing is still mission critical, especially in our digitalized world. It is important that you can trust you printing solution and be assured that your output is printed in the right format, at the right place, at the right time.

Managing all types of input and output

No matter what printing needs an organisation has MPI Tech has the solution that will match these specific requirements. 

Experts in AFP and IPDS printing

Our software can be located on  Mainframes and MidRange Systems (EPM, PSS, ACM...), on Servers (BlueServer, Docout,...), on our hardware (LinkCom, EasyCom...) or integrated in the printers themselves (BlueKit, OEM solutions...). They can output what is required on your PCL or Post Script office printers. 

Production printing experts

Another aspect of our printing expertise is ultra-high-speed printing, job spooling and production (transactional) print management. Our solutions drive production printers over 6000 ppm and are designed to give print room managers full control and overview of all aspects of the printing processes, including previews, starting and stopping jobs and finishing details.

Secure and Pull printing

If you are concerned about secure & pull printing or document confidentiality, we can also help you with secure print management for host data as well as office applications.


Our printing solutions