Focusing on customer service

UK based insurance company implements AFP Conversion Module for AFP to PDF conversion to improve customer service and cut costs

An insurance company in the UK wanted to have the option to send policy documents to customers as electronic PDF documents, potentially offering significant printing, handling and postage cost savings to the company, whilst also offering much quicker delivery.

Return on investment was achieved within a few months and will continue to produce substantial cost savings.

AFP Conversion Module (ACM) from the MPI Tech Mainframe output suite was their chosen solution. The solution will run a suite of programs (which included ACM) several times a day. ACM would convert the AFP input into PDFs including splitting the files each time the policy number changed. ACM has been swiftly implemented so that the clients will receive a PDF format of their policies and additional information after committing to the LV products. Clients will be encouraged to receive only the PDF files and not hardcopy, documents will be encrypted to protect them being accessed by unauthorised individuals.