Major US insurance company standardizes output policies with Blue Server

The IT department required digital copies of all printed documents on archive for future references.

The challenge: Provide digital copies of all printed documents

For the past 15 years, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. has been using MPI Tech transforms software solutions and HP LaserJet printers for their IBM host printing needs. When their IT department requested an image copy of all printed documents, only two options were available.

The Solution: Dual copies of each print job

One option was to scan every job printed and send those images to their archive repository. Due to ongoing service charges, this was a very costly, as well as time-consuming, option.

A second option was to change their existing print solution by adopting a more efficient way to print and generate the PDF needed for their archive repository.

Blue Server transforms AFP and IPDS to PostScript and PCL

Blue Server was selected because it was compatible with their printing process, guaranteed that every printed document was properly stored and provided a fully searchable PDF, potentially simplifying their searches of documents.

Blue Server delivers PDF copies of all print jobs

Blue Server also offered the option to rename the PDF file with the specific index name used on their IBM host systems ensuring an easy match of the PDF file stored in the archive repository with the original document generated on the IBM host. Cost efficient Blue Server not only provided a simple solution to their problem, but also contributed a very short return on their investment.

The Blue Server software receives AFP/IPDS input from IBM host servers and transforms it to PCL or PostScirpt and prints output on standard office printers. A copy of each printed document is saved as PDF to a specified folder.

    Powerful software transform on Windows, Linux or AIX server

    The Advanced Function Presentation/Intelligent Printer Data Stream (AFP/IPDS) and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) are usually reserved for expensive IBM host dedicated printing systems. These centralised printers process AFP and IPDS languages as native to process the complex applications coming from IBM systems (z/os, os/400, ...) including barcode, overlays, check printing coming from mission critical application that require full control of the printer with automatic error recovery handled by IBM PSF drivers.

    Blue Server – host printing on office printers

    MPI Tech has developed the Blue Server software solution that transforms AFP and IPDS jobs coming from your IBM system to PCL/PostScript for printing or PDF/Tiff format for viewing, archiving or electronically distribute your document (e-mail, fax, webserver). Full bi-directional communication with your IBM systems guaranties full control and offer complete error-recovery back to the IBM system.

    There is no need to purchase expensive dedicated IBM host printers because Blue Server can connect any laser printer supporting PCL or PostScript language to process the complex AFP and IPDS host documents.

    All the features of AFP and IPDS (tray selection, finishing options) are supported. Blue Server can also fully index the PDF output to connect to your existing ECM document workflow.


    • Print from Windows, Unix, Linux and IBM systems on one single printer
    • IPDS end to end control with full error recovery
    • Print full colour IPDS documents on colour LaserJet devices
    • Supports all IPDS features (barcode, images, outline fonts) 
    • High speed IPDS printing
    • No changes required on the IBM system applications
    • Convert AFP, IPDS, and SCS data streams to PDF for viewing, archiving, or electronic distribution (e-mail)
    • Blue Server GUI gives you full control of all your production printing with jobs and printer statuses remotely 

    Delivering output solutions to US insurance companies

    Several US based insurance companies have implemented Blue Server as an integrated part of their document flows. Blue Server converts IBM host application output to common output formats and delivers it to the printers. Simultaneously Blue Server creates a PDF copy of each printed document that is stored in a designated archive folder. Electronic copies are kept on record for future use and in order to keep a complete audit trail.

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