MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) reduction and secure printing

A Danish financial institution offloaded their mainframe transforms to Linux on z/OS and introduced secure printing of mainframe output

The Challenge

The customer, a Danish financial institution, was looking to meet two goals.

  1. The first was to minimize MIPS consumption on the z/OS® platform, in order to achieve significant savings on MLC (MIPS reduction).
  2. The second goal was to implement secure printing for all employees and all output; including mainframe output.

The challenge was to forward the document and user credentials used by secure print solutions. These are usually not included in print jobs from z/OS®.

MIPS savings

Considerable savings in the MIPS consumption are achieved by moving a substantial part of the AFP to PCL or PostScript conversion away from the z/OS® to the z/Linux IFL.

  • The print job is transferred from the JES queue by MPI Tech PSS software to the MPI Tech DocOut software running on Linux os z/OS®.
  • Upon receipt of the print job in ICDS format, the DocOut software will convert it to PCL, PostScript or other required formats.
  • The DocOut application forwards all output to the secure pull printing solution that, in this cas, also resides on z/Linux. The secure print solution receives the print job with the proper attributes (i. e. the unique User ID associated with the print job initiated on the z/OS® system).
  • The user ID is needed later to authenticate the user when the job owner wants to retrieve his print on a printer or MFP anywhere in the Enterprise. (using his personal ID card or entering a unique PIN number).

The Benefits

The resource-consuming part of the job conversion is therefore now happening on the z/Linux partition of the System z and the MIPS consumption on z/OS® will be lowered significantly.

Moving operations from the mainframe and Windows servers to Linux on the z/OS® platform has many advantages. MPI Tech has the solutions that will help you take advantage of your Linux on z/OS®

By allowing all the transport of the job attributes from the z/OS® application all the way to the secure print solution, the combination of PSS MVS and DocOut makes it possible to add secure printing functionality to the z/OS® and IBM Mainframe community and enables the enterprise to track printing activities and enable cost savings from IBM system z.

Furthermore this setup can significantly reduce the number of required print servers and thus generate additional savings.