DocOut 7 for Windows

Enhanced installation procedure, improved security, updated IPDS functions and added output facilities

DocOut is a software print server that connects to multiple IBM zSeries and iSeries systems via SNA or TCP/IP. DocOut transforms host print jobs in IPDS, SCS/DCA and ICDS formats into PCL, PostScript, Epson, ProPrinter and PDF.


DocOut 7 includes facilities to meet the increased requirements for creating documents. PDF Unicode handling has been implemented as well as enhancements for PDF handling in Object containers.

Further, DocOut 7 now includes support for print accounting systems and printers with user access control based on user identification.

Also installation and security via Software Certificate has been improved. Bar Code support has been updated to include the very latest updates within the AFP structure.

DocOut 7 features the following new functions and enhancements

  • IPDS Bar code enhancements
    Improved and updated BCOCA
  • Improved font handling
    Unicode encoding for raster fonts in PDF
  • Enhanced PDF handling
    Object Container improvements for PDF
  • New Spool File options
    Allow support of accounting systems and printers with user access control
  • New updated install shield
    Simple and fast installation
  • Improved ‘Code Signing’
    Improved software security via digital signature certificate
  • General improvements for increased performance, stability and reliability

For detailed information about features and fixes, please download  Release note - DocOut 7 (78.51 KB).

Also visit the DocOut product page for more information.