Enable secure print and pull printing for your IBM Mainframe applications

MPI Tech enables you to integrate secure pull printing for your IBM Mainframe applications

In the Enterprise today users can print from IBM Mainframe applications and office applications on shared multi-function print devices. The challenge faced by IT services is when all printing jobs need to be secured, monitored tracked and controlled; especially if the organization wants to add a secure printing system in order to ensure document confidentiality, compliance with legislation and particularly track the user that submitted the print job.

Usually all print jobs submitted from office applications include the attributes of each print job such as job name, name of the user that submitted the job, application and system that created the print job. Unfortunately jobs that are generated by IBM mainframe applications do not systematically provide that necessary information.

MPI Tech is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its solutions to answer that need and makes it possible to integrate host application printing in an enterprise secure printing structure.

Users can now decide to submit their jobs generated on the IBM Mainframe as well as office applications without having to worry about selecting printers or drivers. No documents are actually printed before a user walks up to any printer, logs in and retrieves his documents.

The benefits of integrating mainframe printing with a pull printing solution are plenty:

  • Any printer or MFP defined on the secure print solution becomes accessible and no documents are left unattended on the printing device output tray. This way document confidentiality is maintained and personal or sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • The print management team does not need to allocate specific IBM host printers (printer definitions on the IBM host pointing to unique physical devices dedicated for Host printing), because office print and host print are managed through the same print management system. Secure printing from IBM Mainframe makes it possible to reduce the number of printers and print queues.
  • Enhance the benefits of secure printing which helps save paper, toner and money and adds to more environment and user-friendly printing. Adding host print to an existing secure print solution offers additional savings potential and makes the workday easier for employees.

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