Save costs on z/Linux

Organisations are always on the lookout for new ways to optimise their business. An often overlooked area is servers and storage, as it can be difficult to assess the full cost of running large server environments when having to count in factors like electrical power, physical space, cooling, backup and recovery procedures, and IT-staff. Especially since these costs are usually shared between several cost centres.

One way to optimize the server structure is to consolidate solutions and operations onto the z/Linux platform. MPI Tech has developed a print transform solution running on z/Linux that removes the heavy CPU process from the z/OS environment onto the z/Linux platform. 

Watch the presentation about how we help you save costs with z/Linux

The transforms solutions can be combined with follow me printing solutions to ensure confidential and efficient handling of print output. MPI Tech has developed a solution together with UbiQuitech, combining both the office and host print in one 'Follow me' solution on the z/Linux platform, providing even greater savings.

This solution will offer the following benefits:

  • MIPS reduction
    By moving the print transform to z/Linux mainframe users will experience a reduction in the MIPS usage.
  • Consolidation of print servers
    By utilizing the z/Linux it is possible to consolidate a number of print servers, saving time and resources on the management of print servers.
  • Cost savings
    The reduction in MIPS usage will reduce the MLC payment and the consolidation of print servers will generate savings and ease of management.

MPI Tech has already successfully implemented this solution, resulting in significant reduction in costs, increased efficiency and consolidation of applications for a number of clients. You can read more about it in this case study MIPS reduction and secure printing.

As an IBM certified development partner the z/Linux Transform has undergone rigorous testing with IBM. There is a full working demo installed together with the follow me solution from UbiQuitech at IBM Client Centre in Montpellier and Copenhagen 

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