Improved DocOut support for cluster environments

How to centralise iSeries (IBM Power) printing with DocOut

A large UK based retailer recently migrated from a fragmented, legacy hardware solution to MPI Tech’s DocOut solution centralising their host based IBM Power printing across Europe. DocOut has been entrusted to manage over 300 production devices across the organisation managing mission critical output for their despatch operations

As DocOut is central to their business the solution was required to include multi-layer redundancy. DocOut is run in a VM-ed, Microsoft Cluster environment validating DocOut against an external MPI Tech license server.

As the solution grew and the client required more print devices to be added it was discovered that there were certain limitations. This is where MPI Tech’s years of expertise and development came in to its own delivering a tailored solution to the client to ensure that only the active cluster node would take up license from the external MPI Tech license server.

DocOut cluster setup results in improved print services

DocOut cluster server setup ensures full DocOut service availability

IBM Power output is always sent to the active DocOut cluster node that transforms output and sends it to the printer. If the active node fails the passive node takes over ensuring full DocOut availability.

This enabled the customer to not only add the number of active printers licensed, but also to close a local subsidiary DocOut installation and move those printers including the setup to the central clustered DocOut installation.

With the introduction of DocOut version 8 earlier this year this enhancement is now generally available to other DocOut cluster installations.

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