LinkCom 5 with multi session support and IPv6

MPI Tech introduces LinkCom 5 IPDS/SCS/DCA transforms with multi session support.

The first generation LinkCom was released 18 years ago. The original LinkCom supported one session. Over the years we have kept adding features and improving performance including the introduction of the first dedicated multi session LinkCom supporting up to three simultaneous print sessions.

Flexible device support takes LinkCom 5 to the next level

With this release we introduce an enhanced LinkCom 5. It merges the functionality of LinkCom III S and LinkCom IV into one unit. This new release introduces multi session support. An enhanced licence can enable up to 10 simultaneous transforms and print sessions, everything is administered by one LinkCom unit.

LinkkCom 5 transforms IPDS, SCS and DCA to PCL, PostScript and matrix printers and supports up to 10 simultaneous printer sessions.

Improved performance

The multi session support has been made possible through a combination of an improved hardware platform and optimised memory management allocating more resources to the print job management.

IPv6 support

With this release LinkCom 5 supports IPv6 addresses and it still also supports IPv4. Consult release note and user guide for details.

Setup via Ethernet over USB

The new LinkCom 5 hardware features an OTG gadget port that is used for direct configuration of the LinkCom device. Thanks to the OTG port it is now possible to fully configure a LinkCom 5 device via Ethernet over USB before it is introduced into the production network. Furthermore it is now also possible to reconnect to a LinkCom device that was lost on the network without having to reset and reconfigure the device.

Product versions and add-ons

LinkCom 5 is available in a basic version with various add-on licences that enhances the unit’s features and functionality.

Basic version:

The basic LinkCom 5 unit supports one print session. Input is received via Ethernet, output is sent to the printer via USB/Ethernet. Supported output formats are PostScript, PCL and Matrix (all included). The basic version supports maximum speed of 55 ppm B/W printing.

LinkCom 5 offers the following transforms options:

Add on options:

Enhance the LinkCom functionality with either high speed options OR Full Colour options OR multi session options:

  • High speed options (IPDS and SCS/DCA): 56 - 85 ppm B/W, 86 - 105 ppm B/W, over 105 ppm B/W
  • Full Colour options IPDS: up to 45 ppm or over 45 ppm
  • Multi session IPDS 2 – 10 sessions (max 55 ppm B/W)
  • Multi session SCS/DCA 2 – 10 sessions (max 55 ppm B/W)

Please notice: actual printing speed and data transfer speed between host and LinkCom unit may vary depending on job complexity, the local network and printer output speeds.


LinkCom 5 with multi session support is available for delivery from week 1, January 2017.

Update your unit

Customers with valid maintenance can update to the newest version of the firmware. Update guidelines will be available in week 1, January 2017.

Please contact MPI Tech Support for further information.

Read release note: LinkCom 5 - Release ver. S80 652.050 (190.11 KB)