Print Sampler 4.5, new features available

Print Sampler logoPrint Sampler is a straightforward, intelligent and powerful tool that makes it easy to work with document templates and automated document processing in a digitalised workflow. Print Sampler is able to simply and effectively remove the need for any pre-printed stationary with all templates being created and manged centrally. These can then be applied to any document that is printed, saved as PDF or emailed.

Print Sampler can automate adding sheets with terms and conditions, headed paper or any other requirements to a document. These actions can quickly be set up by administrators as predefined macros. Individual users access to relevant templates and documents is defined and restricted by a user’s login credentials.

Print Sampler in action

The base feature of Print Sampler is the Assembly module with which it is possible to merge documents from various sources. One example is in finance where a bank needs to create a loan offer or insurance documents. Rather than picking the required documents manually Print Sampler assembles these packs automatically adding relevant templates, making full use of the printers finishing options and creating an electronic copy (PDF, PDF/A) with the required metadata for archiving or electronic distribution purposes.

Print Sampler 4.5 brings a number of new features

Print Sampler 4.5 is out now. Here are some of the features we have added to make the solution even more versatile:


Adobe PDF & Distiller DLL update

The 4.50 version of Print Sampler includes the latest releases of Adobe PDF v15 & Distiller Normalizer V10 layers, providing an enhanced compatibility with all your PDF documents.

PDF protection

With a simple click and some predefined settings, Print Sampler is able to protect any generated PDF file to PDF/A standards.

Fewer Forms

Print Sampler 4.5 now enables two templates to be used per project greatly reducing the number of overall templates required and simplifying workflow.

This is an ideal feature for companies with multiple locations where the corporate logo can be added as a header and then correct geographical address as a footer or hospitals with multiple consultants……the combinations are endless

Forms Sync

This enables Print Sampler to be used in offline mode optimising it for mobile devices or anywhere where reducing bandwidth is critical.


Print Sampler 4.5 is available from february 2017 and will be delivered for all future orders

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Discover how Print Sampler streamlined document workflow, reduced costs and improved productivity at Vault 101 by viewing the case study here or download a free trial version of Print Sampler to see the benefits Print Sampler can deliver to your organisation.