How to save time with LinkCom 5 pre-configuration

A new feature that was introduced with LinkCom 5 is the ability to fully configure the PrintServer unit before it is introduced to the production network.

Introducing Configuration via Ethernet over USB (using the OTG Gadget port)

LinkCom 5 features an OTG gadget port that can be used for direct communication between a LinkCom unit and computer. There are several scenarios where this setup will make it easier to work with and configure the LinkCom unit:

  • A LinkCom device can be fully pre-configured before it is connected to the network. 
  • Connect the LinkCom device to a computer when it is not possible to locate the device on the network with PrintGuide or when the DHCP assigned IP address is unknown. 
  • Reset network settings for a device without having to restore to factory defaults and thereby loose the device configuration. 

Tested during a live installation

At a recent install at a customer’s site we used this approach. After the first unit had been set up and was running on the network it did not take long time to replicate the setup to the other 6 units and install them in the production environment.

Find the details

Find more information about how to set up the LinkCom 5 unit in the LinkCom 5 User Guide (request it here). Contact support if you experience any problems.

About LinkCom 5

LinkCom 5 delivers flexible IBM Mainframe, IBM Power (AS400) and office printing. Host server application output (IPDS, SCS and DCA) is sent to a printer through the LinkCom PrintServer. The PrintServer transforms the output to PostScript, PCL or Matrix formats and routes it to the printer.