MPI Tech introduces Safe2Print™

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MPI Tech introduces Safe2Print™ (formerly known as Print2C). Safe2Print™ is our own in-house developed secure pull printing solution that keeps all printouts safe until they are required by the document owner.

Safe2Print™ - Because we keep your prints safe


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Pull Printing - Secure your output

Safe2Print™ is a safe and secure pull printing solution. All documents are stored securely on a print server until the document owner manually releases the print via their chosen authorisation method and prints the required documents. No documents are needlessly printed or left unattended on the device and document confidentiality is maintained.


Print costs reduced

Get full control with your print facilities and keep the costs down

Safe2Print™ is an easy to use yet powerful solution that gives organisations full control and a complete, real time overview of printing. The administration module tracks all printer related activity: print, copy, fax and scan allowing output processes to be optimised throughout the organisation.


Safe2Print - Universal print driver

Multi-vendor universal printer driver

Safe2Print™ makes managing a heterogeneous printer environment easy. Safe2Print™ utilises a universal driver. Safe2Print™ offers a dynamic solution to users with a single interface regardless of the printing device used and simplifies the management of the printer fleet for IT departments.


Send the print to the most efficient printer

Safe2Print™ includes automated document routing that sends documents to the most efficient printer. Every printed document is analysed and the job parameters are used for document routing. Use automated routing to send large documents to a fast printer with a low cost per page. Built-in rules can also be used to restrict specific user groups from printing in colour.


paper waste


Only print what you really need

Installing a secure print solution such as Safe2Print™ will lead to considerable paper savings as users change the way they print. In a traditional push print environment documents are printed immediately. In a pull print environment a document is sent to a secure print server where the user has to release it. It may be the case that the document is obsolete or no longer required so it can be deleted without ever being printed. Some 30% of prints are never collected!


IBM AS/400

Secure IBM host server printing z/OS, AS/400, iSeries

Include all your output in one secure print solution with Safe2Print™. Other solutions have found it a challenge to include legacy output into a secure print solution. MPI Tech uniquely unifies legacy data by extracting user and document names from AFP or IPDS data streams, converting to PCL or PostScript and incorporated in to Safe2Print™ along with all Windows print.


Online shop for print services

Integration with the reprographic department

Safe2Print™ is the only secure print solution that fully integrates the reprographic department into a centralised print management solution. The print department manager can fully customise the user interface as a web shop that lists all of the services and finishing options offered.

Via a single GUI users can send large print jobs with numerous finishing options including book, brochures or business cards to the reprographic unit. Users can select features and settings such as binding, stapling, colour, paper type, folding and number of copies in the GUI before the print job is sent to the reprographic department. A job ticket is created and sent along with the print data where the reprographic staff handle the output and deliver to the recipient.

The built-in billing module in Safe2Print™ will automatically assign the cost of a print job to the individual user or department.



Application mobile

Select your preferred authentication method

Safe2Print™ is about convenience for the users which is why we offer various authentication methods; including RFID badge, a user code or release via mobile phone. Select the method(s) best suited for your employees or students. 

Request a demonstration

Our teams are at your disposal for a demonstration of the solution. Feel free to contact them.

More information

>> See the Safe2Print™ product page.