Print Sampler streamlines stationery over multiple locations

Print Sampler has various uses. Here we show you how a British investment firm used Print Sampler to overcome the challenges that come with multiple addresses, decentralised design management and changing company names.

Challenge: Multiple branches with decentralised management of stationery

A world class investment firm with headquarters in London and branches at multiple locations around the UK were looking for a way to optimise how they handle all their stationery. Previously each location managed its own pre-printed stock with local contact details. 

Solution: Centralised template management and corporate design control

Print Sampler enabled the bank to streamline the process across the organisation by centralising templates and enabling the corporate image to be controlled centrally by the marketing department. Print queues were setup to automatically add the correct template to the print job.

Later the organisation went through a merger which is often a challenge for the design department. But thanks to Print Sampler templates were quickly updated and modified with the new details and logos. And the best thing was, there was no old stock of paper that needed to be thrown away, since everything is managed digitally.

The ease of template management has been useful as the organisation has had a number of rebrands since the first deployment of Print Sampler. 

Print Sampler streamlines stationery for UK finance corporation with multiple locations

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About Print Sampler

Print Sampler is a software solution for digital document template management that automates document flows and output options and centralises template management. The solution runs on Windows and can receive practically any kind of office application output and delivers output as Print and/or PDF.

Print Sampler prints using manufacturer drivers enabling all finishing options and it is fully compatible with push, pull, & secure print solutions. 

Advanced options such as PDF indexing, splitting, routing and renaming and chain-link scenarios for multiple output style and target are also available.

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