MPI Tech 2017 IBM System z update

In a recent newsletter we have announced the upcoming MPI Tech Mainframe Suite releases scheduled for this fall. Read here to get the highlights.

Man in front servers

Bi-annual mainframe software release is being prepared

Thanks to our close involvement in the AFP Consortium we are part of an international group bringing together voices from across the print industry to keep the AFP architecture up to date and continually improving the standards.

Our development teams continue to work on improving our AFP output management solutions to ensure that our solutions always meet the standards set by the AFP Consortium.

We are currently working on making sure that our output management solutions running on the z/OS platform are ready for the bi-annual z/OS update from IBM for the IBM System z platforms that will be updated to z/OS 2.3 this fall. We are in the process of making the final preparations and tests prior to the October 2017 release of the new versions of Enterprise Print Manager, AFP Conversion Module and Print SubSystem.

Here are some of the main updates: 

  • Improved support for outline fonts on PCL printers
  • Optimised CMYK to RGB conversion
  • Insert PDF files in object containers in AFP

Make sure you are ready to upgrade

Customers with valid maintenance can update their solution free of charge, however, we recommend that you make sure that your installation is up to date and running on the newest version.

Follow the link below to the release notes for the 2015 mainframe suite release of:

More detailed information about the 2017 releases will follow, when they are released. Sign up to get our newsletter if you want to make sure to get a notification when the new versions are released.