Greener and cheaper mailing with ScopHybrid

The ScopSuite of products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use and ScopHybrid is no different. Whether you are a standard user or high level admin the interface can be tailored to any requirement and corporate identities.

ScopHybrid mailing delivers immediate cost savings of around 50% per sent letter.

  • Print is centralised.
  • Multiple letters to the same addressee are co-mingled and postal volume discounts are achieved.
  • Print volumes on high cost MFPs are reduced and cash flow is improved as no stock has to be held
  • No need to buy stamps or maintain franking machines.

It is not just the tangible savings that are achieved but an improvement in staff productivity as they are freed up to concentrate on their core roles. 

ScopHybrid mailing solutions cut costs, save time and increase productivity

Standardised templates and coherent design

Full control, standardisation of templates and layouts gives governance over the brand making. Ensure all outgoing documents adhere to a defined corporate standard.  With advanced MIS (Management Information System) ScopHybrid allows the user and admins to have full visibility of all outgoing mailing including tracking and returns. These in turn can be linked to a CRM system enabling sales teams to follow up on that letter or a hospital to confirm that appointment.

Allocate costs accurately

The MIS delivers costing information so those using the solution, be it an individual, department or organisation can be billed accurately. A digital record of every mail produced can be fed in to ScopMaster+ or any other archiving/CRM solution. 

Online, available and easy to use

There is no need for extra passwords as ScopHybrid can be synchronised with current Windows or other log on credentials and encompasses not just office works but also anyone working remotely or from home on any device. ScopHybrid can cater ad hoc mails as well as batch requirements; simply choose a template attach a CSV file and the batch mailing is created.

Improve the company carbon footprint

ScopHybrid offers a greener way forward as there is less waste in terms of paper, toner and power reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Environmental impact can be lessened further with ScopHybrid’s multi-channel delivery options include web, mobile, email and text.

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So whether you are looking to consolidate branding, deliver personalised direct mails, improve your organisation’s green credentials or simply save money then give MPI Tech a call to discuss how ScopHybrid can do all of this and more. ScopSuite Document Workflows, Brilliantly delivered. Or you can fill in this form to let us know that you would like