Print Sampler delivers document routing and multiple output options

One of the perhaps lesser known options in the Print Sampler output management software is the ability to send output to multiple destinations in one operation. This feature enabled a British customer to speed up their work flows and make them less prone to human errors.

A manufacturer of concrete goods were printing orders that contained information about delivery details, product information and weight. These order copies had to be distributed to accounts, picking, despatch and a weigh bridge. The process was time consuming as the document was printed, copies were made and were then sent to three other locations on the same site.

Print Sampler enables a single print job to be sent to four separate locations (printers) at the same time. This implementation reduced the manual intervention, time consumption and error margins considerably and sped up the entire document flow.

Print Sampler automates multiple output flows sending shipping papers to multiple printers in one flow.

There is further scope as the client looks at incorporating electronic documents from Print Sampler into CRM and accounting systems streamlining workflows further and reducing costs. 

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About Print Sampler

Print Sampler is a software solution for digital document template management that automates document flows and output options and centralises template management. The solution runs on Windows and can receive practically any kind of office application output and delivers output as Print and/or PDF.

Print Sampler prints using manufacturer drivers enabling all finishing options and it is fully compatible with push, pull, & secure print solutions. 

Advanced options such as PDF indexing, splitting, routing and renaming and chain-link scenarios for multiple output style and target are also available.

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