ScopHybrid mailing solutions help Birmingham City Council maintain employee efficiency throughout Covid-19 lockdown

A new success story shows how ScopHybrid in combination with ScopIOM helped Birmingham City Council (UK) enable their employees to work efficiently from their home offices and service the citizens of Birhimgham during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This is the short version:

Pain points

Employees at Birmingham City Council are sending many letters every day. Until recently letters were printed and envelopes fed manually by the employee that wrote the letter. Besides being a complicated process it is time consuming and the Covid-19 lockdown that has caused many people to work from home has complicated the process further.


MPI Tech delivered the ScopHybrid and ScopIOM solutions that automate the mailing process and enables Birmingham City Council to print, pack and send letters in bulk.


Birmingham City Council had already been through a proof of concept installation, so they knew the installation and the benefits. Therefore they could quickly make the decision to implement the Scop solutions that were deployed within two weeks.


Printing, packaging and sending of letters has been centralized in one facility that only requires a few people to be present. Employees can now work much more efficiently whether they work from home or in the office. Savings have been achieved, and the risk of manual errors have been minimized.

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