Professional and reliable data transforms to match any requirement.

Efficient data transforms

Office environments and company applications are becoming more cluttered. Applications are no longer just running on one platform or operating system. This proves a challenge when managing print output.

IBM Host output management and transforms

MPI Tech solutions include a strong range of transform tools that will provide a uniform output from all your applications. We can transform your IBM host output (System z and Power Systems) to virtually any output format for both print and electronic storage.

Conversion formats

  • AFP to PDF and PDF/A
  • AFP to PCL
  • AFP to PostScript
  • PDF to AFP
  • IPDS to PDF and PDF/A 
  • IPDS to PCL
  • IPDS to PostScript


Modify output on the fly

In the transform process we also offer a range of other features such as adding overlays, barcodes and other content on the fly during the conversion process.

Our solutions are fully integrateable and will often not even require any significant changes in your existing environment or applications.

Learn more about MPI Tech's expertise by reading our Conversions & Transforms page.

Our transforms and conversion solutions

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